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LEXGARANT Insurance Company has developed a special insurance program for organizations and businesses of the services sector (travel, catering, hotel services, etc) comprising the following types of insurance:

  • Tour operator liability insurance
  • Product (service) liability insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Property insurance
  • Motor insurance
  • Staff life and health insurance


Any organisation always runs a risk of causing damage to third parties in the course of pursuing its financial and commercial activities. Under the civil law of the Russian Federation, a person who has caused harm to life, health or property of any third parties, is under an obligation to compensate injured persons for such harm. The amount of the damage to be compensated may prove to be very substantial and considerably impact the financial stability of the company.

Liability insurance is one of the most effective methods of protecting a company against liability to other persons in connection with damage caused to them.

Compulsory liability insurance of tour operators has been introduced by the Federal Law No. 132-FZ “On the Fundamentals of the Travel Activities in the Russian Federation” enacted in 2008 (Chapter 8, Article 17.6).

A tour operator is required to insure the risk of any liability it may incur due to any non-performance or improper performance of its obligations under a travel services contract at its own cost, in the manner and on the terms and conditions prescribed by the said Federal Law.

The insurance is to be contracted in accordance with the uniform Insurance Rules applicable to all the insurance carriers, based on the model insurance contract.

Purpose of the tour operator's liability insurance is to make sure that the client is refunded the money paid for travel services where the tour operator fails to provide such services, doesn't perform its obligations or performs them improperly.

A tour operator's liability insurance contract is intended to secure proper performance of the tour operator's obligations under all travel services contracts made with its clients and constitutes a necessary condition for its entry in the Single Federal Register of Tour Operators.

LEXGARANT Insurance Company makes tour operator liability insurance contracts for contract values from 0.5 million rubles to 100 million rubles, depending on the tour operators' specialization in the travel sector and their financial standing, pursuant to the Federal Law No.132-FZ dated 28.06.2009.


It is increasingly becoming a routine practice for consumers suffering injury or damage as a result of use of products (goods, works or services) to file lawsuits against manufacturers, sellers of the respective products, performers of the respective works or providers of the respective services.

An insurance policy covering liability for the inadequate quality of goods, works (services) may help your company to avoid widely publicized litigation and financial losses and safeguard its reputation.

Insured parties under such policy can be manufacturers of goods, sellers of products, performers of works or providers of services holding a permit (a license, a patent, a compliance certificate or other documents) for pursuing the respective activities.

The insurance coverage applies to property interests of the insured associated with their obligation arising under the civil law of the Russian Federation, the Federal Law “On the Protection of Consumer's Rights” and other legislative acts of the Russian Federation governing legal relations in various areas of activity, to compensate harm to life, health or property of injured persons (consumers) caused by defects of goods manufactured and sold to them or services provided to them by the insured, as well as provision of inaccurate or insufficient information concerning such goods, work or service.

The insured risk is the risk of the insured party incurring liability as a result of inflicting harm to life, health or property of injured persons (consumers) through their consumption (use) of goods, services or results of work of improper quality manufactured and sold to them by the insured or as a result of inaccurate or insufficient information concerning such goods, work or service.

The insured event is the occurrence of liability resulting from:

1) harm caused to consumers' life or health (death, personal injury, dismemberment, disablement, physical suffering);

2) damage caused to consumers' property resulting from:

  • defects of goods, works or services;
  • provision of inaccurate or insufficient information concerning goods, work or service or their manufacturers, sellers and performers, their operational regime or their compliance with the mandatory certification conditions, terms and conditions of storage, transportation and safe use of the products.


These days, business and holiday travel is becoming a routine part of life for most Russian citizens. We offer you and your customers a range of insurance services covering citizens traveling abroad or within the country on business or holiday. They would help you address problems of providing assistance of any kind without spending your own funds, as well as save your precious time.

Determinants of a high-quality travel service

What is needed for any person to feel safe and confident while in travel, either abroad or locally, is a wide range of insurance services available and a reliable service company.

The quality of service you can get while being away from home fully depends on the service company acting in partnership with the insurer, the experience and skill of its staff, its network of correspondents and the efficiency and ease of its communications.

LEXGARANT Insurance Company has established a partnership with CLASS Assist, a service company with a track record of many years of experience in the travel insurance sector and an impeccable business reputation in the international services market. It boasts a network of correspondents comprising more than 70,000 service providers all over the world. The company's call center operates on a 24/365 basis, employing highly skilled Russian-speaking medical professionals and coordinators who can communicate in many foreign languages.

Hallmark of a professional insurer is its capability to

  • provide comprehensive coverage of financial risks associated with the travel of people outside places of their permanent residence;
  • maintain a close partnership with a professional service company running an extensive network of representatives worldwide;
  • maintain accreditation with all embassies of foreign countries;
  • offer insurance services without any limitations in terms of the duration of travel, its geography or the age of the customer.
  • design tailor-made insurance programs for specific partners and their customers;
  • offer a diverse and rich spectrum of services through its insurance programs;
  • offer its partners the best rates and flexible discounts;
  • guarantee its customers full insurance protection and reimbursement of claims;
  • afford its partners free access to an advanced automated policy issuance system;
  • provide your customers with a mechanism for independent issuance of insurance policies.

LEXGARANT Insurance Company meets all these criteria in full.


Insurance coverage is provided in respect of the following objects: non-residential premises and structures (including construction in progress), as well as their individual architectural and structural parts or elements (parts of buildings, premises, their internal decorations, elements of utility networks, etc); production equipment, electronic equipment, office machines, finished products (goods-in-stock), stocks of raw materials, etc.

Elements of an operational facility can be insured as property complexes including both real and movable property items with common functional purpose.


The Company's Motor Insurance Rules /ссылка на Правила/ have been designed on the basis of foreign experience and standards with due regard to the particular dimensions of the Russian insurance market. Working on a long-term partnership basis with reputable international reinsurance companies, we guarantee full and timely reimbursement of your insurance claims.

Our offerings:

  • HULL insurance of your motor vehicle on either “Damage+Theft” or only “Damage” basis;
  • Insurance of additional equipment installed on your motor vehicle;
  • Voluntary insurance of third-party liability of motor vehicle owners (motorists) (an extension of the compulsory third-party liability insurance);
  • Accident insurance of persons in the motor vehicle.

We have developed the following insurance programs for your convenience:

Baseline insurance programs:

  • Program А – Platinum;
  • Program В – Gold;
  • Program C – Standard .

You can opt for the following alternatives:

  • Selecting either a baseline insurance program or design of a tailored insurance solution;
  • Selecting the reimbursement mode: a repair, a payment based on the calculation of the cost of the repair, coverage of repair operations of a motor service station, etc.;
  • Your own setting of the liability limits.

Your insurance advisor:

1. A loss (insured event) occurs. What do I do?

2. How can I save on the price of insurance?

3. Why do I need to provide voluntary insurance cover of motor vehicle owners' (motorists') liability?

4. No particular insurance program suits my needs. Can I get a tailored insurance for my car?

5. What risks are covered by the HULL insurance of my motor vehicle?

Necessary document templates:

  • Insurance application;
  • Application for an early termination of an insurance contract;
  • Insurance claim payment application;
  • A list of documents required to issue an insurance policy;
  • A list of documents required to justify an insurance claim.


Human resources are the primary factor of success of any modern business. Advanced technologies, strong competition and swift changes in the economic environment require that employees of all levels not only possess high skills but are also able to play their part in business in a creative manner and work with the fullest commitment possible.

The monetary pay has always been the major component of the labor motivation system and the key tool for ensuring that the staff perform their duties in a professional manner. Yet, for all the importance of the salaries and wages, one typical feature of the current employment environment is the ever increasing role of social guarantees and benefits provided to employees. While requiring only moderate financial expenses, these forms of incentives allow organisations to improve the productivity of their staff and raise the prestige and attractiveness of their work, which eventually boosts the performance of the business and secures its success.

One efficient and cost-effective way of providing additional social benefits for the organisation's employees is providing them with an insurance package, which helps the organisation

  • to raise the employees' commitment to the successful development of the business;
  • to raise the esteem in which the organisation's top management is held by its staff;
  • to attract new skilled professionals;
  • to keep high-performing employees within the company;
  • to build a workforce capable of efficiently meeting the organization's objectives;
  • to streamline the employee social benefit costs;
  • to build an image of the organisation in the eyes of its business partners as an entity adhering to high corporate culture standards.

We offer a comprehensive insurance program for your staff that would help you structure a package of social benefits that would best meet the needs of your employees, while being financially affordable for the organisation.

A credible corporate social benefits package includes the following principal components:

  • a voluntary medical insurance plan;
  • an accident and sickness insurance plan;
  • a travel insurance plan.


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