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Lexgarant Insurance Company provides insurance for aviation and space risks

SAO "LEXGARANT" provides the following services in the field of insurance of aviation and space risks:

  • - Aircraft, engines, spare parts hull insurance.
  • - Aviation third party liability insurance.
  • - Aviation passenger liability insurance.
  • - Cargo liability insurance.
  • - Crew and ground stuff personal accident insurance.
  • - Crew loss of license insurance.
  • - Airports’ owners and operator’s liability insurance.
  • - Space insurance.
  • - Aviation and space Products liability insurance.

A wide range of insurance services offered by LEXGARANT Insurance Company allows its clients to successfully solve complex problems of providing insurance coverage at all stages of the process of manufacturing and operating aerospace equipment, construction and practical use of airports and maintenance centers.

SAO "LEXGARANT" is fully and firmly integrated into the world community of aviation insurers, being a member of the International Association of Aviation and Space Insurers (IUAI). SAO "LEXGARANT" places risks with Lloyd’s of London, the London company market and with all the major insurance and reinsurance markets in the world. SAO "LEXGARANT" can offer their clients an outstanding reinsurance protection.

SAO "LEXGARANT" is a joint member of the Society of Independent Investigators of Aviation Accidents (ORAA).

SAO "LEXGARANT" contributes to the improvement of flight safety and aviation security. Dozens of preventive measures have been taken by aviation enterprises to prevent aviation accidents and incidents as a result of advice from Lexgarant.

SAO "LEXGARANT" is always ready to give advice on any aviation insurance related matter.

Bank of Russia licenses SL # 0348, Insurance SI # 0348, Reinsurance PS # 0348.

For any potential enquiries please contact:

Lexgarant Insurance Company Ltd.

Department of Aviation, Space and Marine Insurance.

Tel.:      (+7 495) 623-62-64

Fax:     (+7 495) 621-23-01

E-mail:  avia@lexgarant.ru

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