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LEXGARANT Insurance Company offers the following insurance products designed for comprehensive protection of medical institutions:

LEXGARANT Insurance Company offers the following insurance products designed for comprehensive protection of medical institutions:

1. Electronic equipment insurance

This is a specialized program focusing on the insurance of electronic equipment. The program enables an institution to obtain coverage for its electronic equipment against typical risks run by any electronic devices.

Insured items may include:

  • computing equipment (computers, PCs, workstations, etc.) used for data processing and process control purposes;
  • peripheral equipment used in conjunction with the computing equipment (printers, scanners, tape drives, streamers, network equipment, etc.);
  • electronic and radiofrequency emission medical devices, as well as research tools (X-ray devices, equipment for medical diagnosis and treatment, emitters, "artificial lung" and "artificial kidney"-type machines, analyzers, electron microscopes, etc.);
  • data transmission devices (teletypes, fax machines, modems, radio and TV broadcasting equipment, etc.);
  • television, radio, film and video devices (TV sets, studio control rooms for TV and film studios, camcorders, etc.);
  • copying machines (copiers, risographs);
  • data media and databases.

By parties' agreement, the insurance policy may also cover any original licensed software used for running electronic equipment.

2. Medical malpractice liability insurance

Specific feature of this type of insurance is that it covers property interests of the insured in conjunction with any liability for injury caused to third parties (patients) due to errors or omissions in the course of medical care provision.

The insurance covers property interests associated with liability of a medical practitioner arising due to a failure to perform, or improper performance, of their duty of professional care with respect to patients receiving medical care. The insurance policy may either cover the liability of the entire medical staff or that of specific categories of medical practitioners.

The dramatic growth of the commercial medical care market and the growing complexity and sophistication of medical technologies used in the medical care provision increase the risks of liability for injury caused to patients by physicians in the course of performance of their professional duties. In such circumstances, health institutions need to be able to protect their rights and professional reputation.

Indemnity is paid to patients in respect of whom the insured entity is found by court to be liable for injury caused in the course of their professional activity. The timeframe and the procedure of the indemnity payment are specified in the insurance contract.

3. Staff life and health insurance

Human resources are the primary factor of success of any modern business. Advanced technologies, strong competition and swift changes in the economic environment require that employees of all levels not only possess high skills but are also able to play their part in business in a creative manner and work with the fullest commitment possible.

The monetary pay has always been the major component of the labor motivation system and the key tool for ensuring that the staff perform their duties in a professional manner. Yet, for all the importance of the salaries and wages, one typical feature of the current employment environment is the ever increasing role of social guarantees and benefits provided to employees. While requiring only moderate financial expenses, these forms of incentives allow organisations to improve the productivity of their staff and raise the prestige and the attractiveness of their work, which eventually boosts the performance of the business and secures its success.

One efficient and cost-effective way of providing additional social benefits for the organisation's employees is providing them with an insurance package, which helps the organisation

  • to raise the employees' commitment to the successful development of the business;
  • to raise the esteem in which the organisation's top management is held by its staff;
  • to attract new skilled professionals;
  • to keep high-performing employees within the company;
  • to build a workforce capable of efficiently meeting the organization's objectives;
  • to streamline the employee social benefit costs;
  • to build an image of the organisation in the eyes of its business partners as an entity adhering to high corporate culture standards.

We offer a comprehensive insurance program for your staff that would help you to structure a package of social benefits that would best meet the needs of your employees, while being financially affordable for the organisation.

A credible corporate social benefits package includes the following principal components:

  • a voluntary medical insurance plan;
  • an accident and sickness insurance plan;
  • a travel insurance plan.
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