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Financial institutions and leasing companies

LEXGARANT Insurance Company has developed a special comprehensive insurance cover for banks and financial services companies, including:

  • Collateral protection insurance;
  • Insurance for leasing companies;
  • Notary professional and general liability insurance;
  • Professional indemnity insurance for Insolvency Practitioners;
  • Professional liability insurance for auditors.

The comprehensive coverage offered gives:

  • Guaranteed compensation for property damage and financial losses;
  • Additional protection for the employees of the insured in the event of a claim.

LEXGARANT provides a high-quality long term protection, and there are other advantages in choosing LEXGARANT as your insurer:

  • Individualised approach;
  • Review and audit of the quality of the insurance services provided (by a specialist internal audit department within Lexgarant);
  • Use of the latest and state-of-the-art IT solutions for policy administration;
  • Bespoke, up to date policy wordings;
  • High standards of corporate culture adhered to by all staff of LEXGARANT;
  • Prompt (same-day) processing of claims and requests;
  • Flexibility of cover (the best value for money);
  • Guaranteed payment of insurance indemnification once the claim is accepted in the shortest time possible.
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