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LEXGARANT Insurance Company has developed a special comprehensive system of insurance coverage for banks and financial companies, comprising:

  • Collateral protection insurance;
  • Leasing operations insurance;
  • Notary liability insurance;
  • Insolvency practitioners' liability insurance;
  • Auditors' liability insurance.

The comprehensive coverage system ensures:

  • Guaranteed compensation of potential property and financial losses;
  • Building favorable workplace climate by securing protection of property interests of your staff members.

By choosing LEXGARANT as your insurance partner, you receive, along with a high-quality long-term comprehensive protection, a clear competitive advantages for your business:

  • Individualized approach;
  • Insurance service quality control;
  • Use of advanced technologies and state-of-the-art insurance products;
  • Culture of insurance service excellence (high corporate performance standards);
  • Prompt (same-day) processing;
  • Flexibility (the best value for money insurance service);
  • Guaranteed payment of insurance indemnification in the shortest time possible.
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