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LEXGARANT Insurance Company has become an official member of the Russian Asian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

LEXGARANT Insurance Company has joined membership in the Russian Asian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RAUIE).


To Germany with LEXGARANT insurance policies

We are pleased to announce that LEXGARANT has signed an exclusive agreement with the “VisaMetric” company for provision of insurance services in Visa centers of Germany in Russia.


The cancellation or transfer outside of Russia of the 2018 FIFA World Cup is insured in LEXGARANT

In the summer of 2017 LEXGARANT Insurance Company LTD insured the risk of a complete cancellation or transfer from Russia of the World Cup 2018 for any reason.

LEXGARANT Insurance Company offers a unique insurance product for the protection of your interests: a comprehensive insurance program.

In designing the program, we capitalized on our experience in providing insurance coverage to employees of large corporate customers.

The program includes the following products:

  •          Motor insurance products (hull insurance, obligatory third-party motor liability insurance (OSAGO), voluntary third-party liability insurance (DSGO));
  •          Real estate insurance, household effects insurance and liability insurance;
  •          Accident insurance;
  •          Travel insurance;
  •          Voluntary health insurance.

The insured and members of their families opting to take up any other insurance coverage (motor insurance, accident insurance, property insurance, etc.) are offered substantial discounts.

The insurance programs listed above are baseline options which can be extended and supplemented according to your preferences.

You can receive more detailed information about the terms and conditions of the insurance contracts, as well as make a preliminary calculation of the insurance premiums by contacting our staff.