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Third Party Liability

Third Party Liability

How to protect Your financial interests in case of third party liability or at least minimise the potential losses? Third Party Liability insurance allows You to do this.

Our professionals will help You to choose the coverage, that suits You best. 

You should insure:

Your Third Party Liability, when occupying (living in or using for other purposes) apartments or other buildings.

Subject matter insured:

Legal liability of the Insured to compensate for the bodily injury or property damage resulting from the activity of the Insured.


  • bodily injury dealt to third parties;
  • damage dealt to the third parties’ property;
  • bodily injury or property damage;

Sum insured:

The sum insured is agreed by the parties to the insurance contract after careful consideration of the Insured’s needs and the recommendations provided by the Insurer.

Terms of Insurance:

Deductible is the part of loss, which is not reimbursed by the Insurer in case of Occurrence. There are two types of deductibles: conditional deductible and unconditional deductible.  In case of conditional deductible, the Insurer is liable for all losses, exceeding the amount of the deductible, whilst the losses which are smaller than the deductible have to be paid by the Insured. In case of unconditional deductible, every loss, reimbursed by the Insurer, is reduced by the amount of the deductible.

Liability limit – the biggest insurance benefit available any one occurrence or aggregated for all occurrences, which take place during the period of insurance. In any one contract parties can agree on liability limits in respect of:

  • bodily injury dealt to one person;
  • bodily injury dealt to several people;
  • damage to the property of one or more

Period of insurance:

The Insured can choose any desired length of the period of insurance, however, 12 moths is usually an optimal duration.

Price of the insurance:

The price is usually calculated as a product of sum insured times annual insurance rate

The annual insurance rates are

  • bodily injury – 0,48%
  • property damage – 0,28%
  • bodily injury or property damage – 0,76%

The actual tariff is calculated on the basis of annual insurance rates and the level of risk, specific to each Insured:

Payment terms:

The insurance premium could be paid in one or several installments, subject to agreement between the parties.

The process of insurance:

  • You fill in the application form and passes it to the Insurer;
  • The parties negotiate the terms of insurance and then the Insurer drafts a policy;
  • You pay the insurance premium or its first installment;
  • The Insurer issues the policy;
  • The policy is effective after 00:00 the day, following the day, when the premium was paid.


Our company commits itself to pay indemnification within 30 days of the date when the accident report was accepted.


  • expertise
  • special attention to every client
  • consultancy services provided upon the signing of the contract
  • minimum documents required, which means quick process
  • flexible payment terms
  • efficient contract support

Should You have any questions or require a consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us:


+7 495 625-38-25


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