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Third Party Liability

Civil Liability insurance

Taking out civil liability insurance is an excellent way of managing the risk of legal liability for harm caused to third parties, which many companies and/or service providers bear.

Lexgarant will help you to do it right.

Occupiers’ liability

One of the scenarios where civil liability insurance is desirable is in the case of occupiers of property. The risk of liability of the occupier of the property to third parties can be satisfactorily managed by taking out the right type of insurance cover.

Occupiers’ liability is the liability of persons who permanently or temporarily reside and / or use the apartment or buildings to third parties. The occupier is the Insured person.

The insurance affords protection in the event of financial losses of the Insured (Insured persons) associated with his/her legal obligation to compensate third parties for harm caused to them or their property.

Сivil Liability insurance

Your insurance policy can cover:

Civil Liability for third party bodily injury or death; or

Civil liability for third party property damage; or

Civil Liability for third party bodily injury or death and third party property damage together under one policy.

The sum insured

The sum insured is established by agreement of the parties, taking into account the wishes of the insured, the nature of his/her legal obligations, the likely amount of legal liability and associated legal costs. The underwriter preparing the insurance quotation may recommend an amount based on his underwriting experience, but the ultimate responsibility for establishing the correct sum insured  is that of the policyholder.

Deductions from the insurance compensation payable under your insurance

 More often than not insurance policies include a provision called the “Deductible”.

The Deductible is the amount of loss not reimbursed by the Insurer in the event of an insured event and subsequent claim.

The Deductible can be conditional or unconditional.

With a conditional deductible, should there be a valid claim, the insurance compensation will not be paid if the amount of the claim does not exceed a certain threshold, stipulated by the deductible. If the threshold is reached the compensation is paid in full.  

With an unconditional deductible, in the event of a valid claim, an amount of money (the deductible) will always be deducted from the amount of any insurance compensation paid under the policy. 

The limit of liability

The limit of liability is the maximum amount of insurance compensation for each or for all of the insured events covered by the insurance policy. The insurance policy may establish separate limits of liability in respect of each of the following:

Bodily injury or death of one person;

Bodily injury or death of any number of persons;

Property damage caused to any number of persons.

Period of insurance

You can choose any period of insurance, the optimal and the most typical period is 12 months.

Insurance premium

All insurance policies attract an amount of premium payable by the person taking out the insurance.

The premium is determined by multiplying the sum insured by our basic insurance rate:

Bodily injury or death of a third party


Damage to the property of third parties


Bodily injury or death of a third party and damage to third party property together


A different rate may apply depending on the risk in question.

The premium can be paid by any number of instalments or in a single one-off payment.

The procedure for obtaining the insurance policy:

The client fills in a proposal form and submits it to our underwriters in the Civil Liability department.

The insurer agrees the terms of insurance with the client and prepares the insurance slip (Policy).

The client pays the insurance premium (first installment).

The insurer issues a signed insurance contract (Policy).

The insurance policy comes into force at 00:00 on the day following the day of payment of the insurance premium (first installment).

Payment of insurance compensation:

Payment of insurance compensation is made within 30 days from the date of acceptance of the insurance claim by the insurer.

Our advantages:

  • - The professionalism and experience of our underwriters;
  • - Individual approach to each risk;
  • - Advice tailored to the needs of our clients;
  • - The small amount of paperwork required to obtain an insurance policy;
  • - The option to pay for the insurance premium by installments;
  • - The insurer’s commitment to follow the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.

To learn more please contact by phone one of our specialists in the Civil Liability department on (495) 625-38-25, 933-15-15 ext. 250 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Moscow time.

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