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Property insurance

Prospective clients of “Lexgarant” can choose from a wide range of insurance products offered by Lexgarant when it comes to property insurance.

By agreement of the parties, the standard terms and conditions of insurance against fire and related perils can be amended and extended to match your needs and to take into account the special features, the most relevant hazards and the condition of the insured property.

We can provide cover for:

- apartments, residential buildings, cottages, country houses, fixtures and fittings, including items forming part of the interior decor, structural elements, equipment and contents;

- any type of personal property, including works of art, valuable equipment etc;

- civil liability to third parties during the occupancy of the property and/or as a result of private or commercial use of the property;

 - mortgage insurance;

 - title insurance.

The real property subject of insurance may be owned, leased or managed by the insured.

The personal property items subject of insurance do not need to be owned outright by the insured, they may be subject of a lease or they can be subject of an agreement of bailment or storage; they can be rented by the insured for his personal use or for commercial purposes; passed to the insured for the purposes of sale or processing.  

The insured perils (risks) include: fire and related perils, natural disasters (earthquake, landslide, subsidence, tsunami, hurricane, flood, hail, lightning); illegal actions of third parties (theft, robbery, burglary); explosions of steam boilers, gas storages, machines and units; accidents to pipeline systems; falling aircraft and debris; damage from ground vehicles.

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