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Property insurance

Our clients can choose the necessary Coverage from the wide variety or insurance products, LEXGARANT is proud to offer. The standard terms of Fire and Other Perils Insurance could be negotiated and altered in order to meet the clients’ requirements, which might be different from others’ due to the characteristics of their property.

What we offer:

  • home insurance (houses, flats, country and weekend houses, cottages etc., including house equipment and interior);
  • personal liability insurance for homeowners;
  • mortgage insurance;
  • title insurance.

The property could be transferred to the insured on the basis of ownership, operating control, management or storage. The insured could also be granted the authority to enter into transactions in respect of the property (sale, lending, recycling etc.).

Risks covered:

  • force majeure (earthquake, landslide, ground depression, tsunami, hurricane, flood, hail showers, lightning);
  • criminal offence (theft, pillage, robbery);
  • explosions of boilers, gas tanks, machinery and equipment;
  • pipe leakage;
  • falling of aircrafts or parts thereof;
  • ground vehicle related accidents.

The Policy is signed in respect of one or more risks from the list, suggested by LEXGARANT for one year or for any negotiated period.

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