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Motor Insurance

We have years of underwriting experience and are very familiar with the Russian motor insurance market as well as the latest developments globally in the field of motor insurance. This is reflected in the terms and conditions of our motor covers. Long established partnerships with international reinsurance providers enable us to meet all of our obligations to our clients.

We cover motor vehicles for Motor Own Damage, e.g. accidental damage and theft of your vehicle; this cover can be extended to include installed equipment on your vehicle (such as DVD players, parking sensors etc).

We also offer compulsory motorists’ third party liability insurance in Russia (OSAGO) as well as DOSAGO, which is a voluntary motorists’ third party liability insurance cover, providing limits in excess of the legally prescribed insurance limits. 

We can provide personal accident insurance for motorists and passengers.

Lexgarant can offer motor car owners the following:

♦ General insurance covers (for individuals and legal entities):

♦ ​Upgraded insurance covers:

  • Cover A – Platinum+;
  • Cover B – Gold+;
  • Cover C – Standart+.


  • ♦ Underwriters with many years of experience who understand the risks they are writing.
  • ♦ Flexible premium rates as well as the option to pay your premium by instalments.
  • ♦ Individual approach to each client.
  • ♦ Advice on the best terms and conditions for your risk.
  • ♦ Speedy resolution of your claims.
  • ♦ 24/7 evacuation from the site of the traffic accident.
  • ♦ Discounts for break-even clients.
  • ♦ Discounts for Lexgarant’s clients who experience claims, but they were s not the guilty party (and where redress is available from the guilty third party).

You CAN:

  • ♦ Choose from standard covers available or have one specifically designed for your needs.
  • ♦ Choose the way of getting your compensation: repair by us, direct payment to the repair center chosen by you, monetary compensation for incurred losses and damages.
  • ♦ Choose your own liability limits (unless there is an applicable minimum legal limit).


  • ♦ Proposal Form
  • ♦ Cancellation request
  • ♦ Claim

Required documents

  • ♦ List of supporting documents for the proposal form.
  • ♦ List of supporting documents required for making a claim.



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