Home Insurance Company

For calls from Russian regions +7(800)700-33-99

А (Platinum)

For owners of foreign cars:

  • worth over 2,000,000 rubles
  • not older than 3 years

Tariff is from 5.2% of the insured amount.

  • Number of calls to the Insurer: unlimited.
  • Non-deductible insurance amount for the entire insurance period. According to the Insured the insurance amount may be set as “by the amount of cases” (deductible) for the period of the agreement. In this case the Insured is provided with a discount.
  • Repair is performed by an official dealer (to be chosen by a client).
  • Insurance payment does not include the vehicle wear (damaged parts).
  • Insurance premium may be paid one time or in installments: two, three or four payments. Insurance premium does not increase.
  • Three-times appeal to the Insurer without certificates from competent authorities in case of damage to one body part, glazing body, exterior lighting devices, mirror elements and antenna.
  • Vehicle storage at night in a protected area or garage.
  • No franchises.
  • Emergency commissioner: 24 hrs, unlimited.
  • Evacuation: 24 hrs, unlimited.
Modified: 09:29:04 22.01.2019