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LEXGARANT Insurance Company

LEXGARANT Insurance Company Ltd.

Registered office: 101000, Moscow, Maly Zlatoustinsky per., 10, bld. 2

Trading address: 101000, Moscow, Maly Zlatoustinsky per., 10, bld. 2

Founded in March 1993. Registered in the Unified State Register of Insurance Entities under number 0348.

Regulated by the Central Bank of Russia.  

Permissions to carry out insurance and reinsurance activities, licenses number SL No.0348, SI No. 0348; PS No. 0348.

Since its foundation, “LEXGARANT” has occupied a leading position among Russian insurers and reinsurers in insuring aviation risks. Our company was one of the first in the Russian insurance market to provide hull and liability insurance coverage for Russian airlines that leased Western-built aircraft.

“LEXGARANT”' has an impeccable reputation gained by diligently observing the terms and conditions of the insurance and reinsurance policies it issues. "LEXGARANT" enjoys the following ratings from Standard and Poor's:

BB- financial stability rating (outlook "stable"); 

BB- long term counterparty credit rating (outlook "stable").

Nowdays “LEXGARANT” offers its customers several different types of insurance and reinsurance covers with reinsurance support in Lloyd's of London and other world leading reinsurance markets.  

  • Personal accident and health insurance;       
  • Medical insurance;
  • Motor vehicles physical damage insurance (with the exception of railway vehicles);
  • Railway transport insurance;
  • Aircraft insurance;
  • Marine hull insurance;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Agricultural insurance (crop insurance, perennial crops, animals);
  • Property insurance for legal entities;
  • Private property insurance;
  • Motor third party liability insurance;
  • Aviation Legal Liability insurance;
  • Legal liability insurance of owners of water transport;
  • Legal liability insurance of owners of railway transport;
  • Liability insurance of owners of hazardous facilities;
  • Products liability insurance;
  • General Third party liability insurance;
  • Contractual performance liability insurance;
  • Entrepreneurial insurance;
  • Financial risks insurance.

“LEXGARANT” is a member of many professional and industry associations, such as: All-Russian Union of Insurers (BCC), Russian Association of Aviation and Space Insurers (RAAKS), International Union of Aviation Insurers (IUAI), Society of Independent Accident Investigators (ORAP), Moscow Travel Agencies Association (MATA).

The main criteria for our work are:

  • Providing high quality service to our customers.
  • Individual approach to risk assessment.
  • Reliable insurance protection at optimal rates.
  • High professionalism of company employees.
  • A guarantee of fulfillment of the obligations assumed.

Insurance policies and certificates of “LEXGARANT” are recognized both in Russia and abroad. The entire package of insurance documents can be provided in Russian, English and other languages.

During our work in the Russian insurance market, we have earned the trust of our customers, the authority and respect of our partners.

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