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LEXGARANT Insurance Company offers an efficient system of insurance protection of business and commercial entities operating in the industrial sphere. We establish a list of the potentially insurable risks by engaging experts from any industry. We cover risks inherent in the production activity of industrial enterprises (relating to their fixed and current assets, as well as their operational processes).
The key benefit of the system is its comprehensive and all-inclusive nature. Companies opting for simultaneous writing of a number of policies (e.g., an enterprise property insurance policy, a liability insurance policy, a motor insurance policy, a voluntary health insurance policy, an employee accident insurance policy, etc.) are offered sets of discounts on other insurance programs.

We offer:

1. Coverage of business property against fire and other perils.

Insurance coverage is provided in respect of the following objects: non-residential premises and structures (including construction in progress), as well as their individual architectural and structural parts or elements (parts of buildings, premises, their internal decorations, elements of utility networks, etc); production equipment, electronic equipment, office machines, finished products (goods-in-stock), stocks of raw materials, etc.
Elements of an operational facility can be insured as property complexes including both real and movable property items with common functional purpose.

2. Machinery breakdown insurance

Insurance coverage is provided for the following objects: steam boilers, gas and other turbines, pumps, compressor units, electric engines, generators, transformers and other machinery, mechanisms, devices, equipment and installations.

3. Motor insurance

Insurance coverage is provided for the following objects: road vehicles reported on the accounting records of the company or operated under lease contracts.

We can provide a “hull” risk coverage in any mix, as well as third-party liability insurance.

4. Manufacturer product liability insurance

This type of insurance is designed to safeguard property interests of the insured, associated with their obligation to compensate any harm to life, health or property of injured or aggrieved persons (consumers) caused by any defects of manufactured and sold insured goods, provided services or by provision of inaccurate or insufficient information about goods, work or service by the insured, arising out of the civil law of the Russian Federation, the Law of the Russian Federation “On the Protection of Consumers' Rights” and other legislative acts of the Russian Federation governing the legal relations in various fields of activity.

An insurance policy providing coverage against the liability for inadequate quality of goods, works or services may help avoid widely publicized litigation and financial losses and safeguard the company's reputation.

5. Insuring liability of organizations operating hazardous production facilities

Risks of this type have to be insured by virtue of the federal laws of the Russian Federation and the requirements of regulatory authorities.
The insurance coverage applies to property interests of the insured associated with its obligation to reimburse, in the manner required by the civil law, any harm caused to life, health or property of any third parties or the natural environment as a result of any accident occurring at a hazardous production facility operated by the insured.

The Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 116-FZ “On the Industrial Safety of Hazardous Production Facilities” dated 21.07.97 requires for compulsory insurance of the liability of organisations operating hazardous production facilities.
Facilities classed as hazardous production facilities are those facilities which:

  • involve circulation of hazardous substances (combustible, oxidizing, flammable, explosive or toxic substances posing threat to the natural environment);
  • operate equipment at pressures exceeding 0.07 MPa or at water heating temperatures exceeding 115ºС;
  • operate stationary load lifting machinery, escalators, cableways or cog railways;
  • produce melts of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys based on such melts;
  • involve mining operations, mineral processing operations or underground operations.

A hazardous production facility to which the insurance contract applies has to comply with the industrial safety requirements. Such compliance has to be confirmed by the insured by submitting documents prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Law No. 116-FZ “On the Industrial Safety of Hazardous Production Facilities” dated July 21, 1997.

6. Cargo insurance

Cargo insurance provides coverage against losses that can occur as a result of damage to, or a loss of, cargo during transportation.

LEXGARANT Insurance Company provides insurance of cargo during both domestic transportation and cross-border and transit transportation.

Our insurance terms

Insurance coverage is provided for cargo carried by any types of transport (sea, air and land transport).

LEXGARANT Insurance Company also offers insurance of cargo located at temporary storage and bonded warehouses prior to their shipment or following their receipt.

Each customer may be provided with a tailor-made cargo insurance program.

Where transportation is effected on a frequent or repeated basis, goods are covered by a general policy applying to all the shipments of cargo within the effective term of the policy. Goods have to be declared within one month's time, on the standard application form issued in respect of each separate shipment and their declaration has to be confirmed on the case-by-case basis.

Rates are set depending on the category of cargo, the shipment type and the mode of transport.

7. Staff life and health insurance

Human resources are the primary factor of success of any modern business. Advanced technologies, strong competition and swift changes in the economic environment require that employees at all levels not only possess high skills but are able to do their part in business in a creative manner and work with the fullest commitment.
The monetary pay has always been the major component of the incentive system and the key tool for influencing the professional performance of the staff. Yet, for all its importance, one typical feature of the current employment environment is the ever increasing role of social guarantees and benefits provided to employees. These forms of incentives, while requiring only moderate financial expenses, allow organisations to improve the productivity of their staff and raise the presige and the attractiveness of their work, which eventually boost the performance of the business and leads to its success.

One efficient and cost-effective way of providing additional social benefits for the organisation's workforce is their insurance coverage, which helps the organisation

  • to raise the employees' commitment to the successful development of the business;
  • to raise the esteem in which the organisation's top management is held by its staff;
  • to engage new skilled professionals;
  • to keep high-performing employees within the company;
  • to build a workforce capable of efficiently addressing the organization's tasks;
  • to streamline the employee social benefits costs;
  • to build an image of the organisation as an entity adhering to high corporate culture standards in the eyes of its business partners.

We offer a comprehensive insurance program for your staff that would help you structure a package of social benefits optimally meeting the needs of your employees, while being financially affordable for the organisation.

A credible corporate social benefits package includes the following principal components:

  • Voluntary medical insurance plan;
  • Accident and sickness insurance plan;
  • Travel insurance plan.
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