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LEXGARANT Insurance Company offers a comprehensive insurance protection for all type of industrial trades. Our experts and surveyors who hold specialist expertise relevant to the trade in question, will identify a list of all the risks which should be insured.

We cover risks which typically arise in the course of manufacturing (protection of an enterprise’s fixed and current assets, as well as its manufacturing/production processes).
The key feature of our insurance programme is the broad scope of coverage offered. Companies opting for obtaining several insurance policies running in parallel (e.g. a commercial property insurance policy together with a liability insurance policy, a motor insurance policy, a private medical insurance policy, a personal accident insurance policy for employees, etc.) are offered premium discounts. The cover afforded to enterprises is both flexible and all-encompassing.

We offer:

1. Commercial property insurance against fire and other perils.

Insurance coverage is provided in respect of the following objects: non-residential premises, buildings, structures (including under construction) and fittings.

Cover can be obtained on a stand-alone basis for each separate item of infrastructure, a building, a structure, fittings separately, parts of buildings or their individual architectural and structural features (parts of buildings, premises, their internal decoration, fittings, utility networks, etc), or just the manufacturing equipment, the electronic equipment, the office machines, the stock in trade, etc.

The objects of an enterprise can also be insured as property complexes, with a single cover covering all fixed and movable property used by the enterprise and which needs to be insured.

2. Machinery breakdown insurance

Insurance coverage is provided for the following objects: steam boilers, gas and other turbines, pumps, compressor units, electric engines, generators, transformers and other machinery, mechanisms, devices, equipment and installations.

3. Motor insurance

Insurance coverage is provided for vehicles owned, leased and operated by the enterprise.

We can provide a “hull” risk coverage in combination with any other cover, as well as third-party liability insurance.

4. Product liability insurance

This type of insurance is designed to protect the financial interests of the insured related to his obligation in accordance with the civil legislation and the Law of the Russian Federation "On Protection of Consumer Rights" and other legislative acts of the Russian Federation, regulating relations in various fields of activity, to compensate for death or harm to health or property of the injured persons ( consumers), caused by the defects of the goods manufactured and sold by the Insured, the services provided, as well as the provision by the Insured of inaccurate or insufficient information about the goods, work (service). A policy for insurance of liability for the quality of goods, works (services) will help not only to avoid high-profile litigation and financial losses, but also to preserve the company's reputation.

An insurance policy providing coverage against the liability for inadequate quality of goods, works or services may help avoid widely publicised litigation and financial losses and safeguard the company's reputation.

5.  Liability of organisations operating hazardous production facilities

These risks must be insured by virtue of federal laws of the Russian Federation and the regulatory requirements of supervisory authorities. Federal Law of the Russian Federation "On Industrial Safety of Hazardous Production Facilities" dated 21.07.97.  (No. 116-FZ) requires compulsory liability insurance for organisations operating hazardous production facilities.

The subject of the insurance are the financial interests of the Insured related to his obligation, in the manner prescribed by law, to compensate for damage caused to the life, health or property of third parties or the environment as a result of an accident that occurred at a hazardous production facility operated by the Insured. This category of hazardous production facilities includes facilities where:

  • - hazardous substances are in circulation (flammable, oxidizing, combustible, explosive, toxic, posing a threat to the environment);
  • - equipment is used that operates under a pressure of more than 0.07 MPa or at a water heating temperature of more than 115C:
  • - stationary load lifting machinery, escalators, cableways or cog railways are being operated;
  • - melts of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys based on these melts are being obtained;
  • - mining, mineral processing and underground operations take place.

A hazardous production facility object of an insurance contract must meet industrial safety requirements, which are confirmed by the submission of documents by the Insured, drawn up in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Law of July 21, 1997 (No. 116-FZ) "On industrial safety of hazardous production facilities".

6. Cargo insurance

Cargo insurance provides protection against losses that may arise as a result of damage or loss of cargo during its transportation.

LEXGARANT Insurance Company provides insurance for both domestic transportation and export-import and transit transportation of goods.

What insurance conditions do we offer?

Cargoes transported by any means of transport (sea, air and land transport) are accepted for insurance. LEXGARANT Insurance Company also offers insurance of goods in temporary storage warehouses and customs warehouses before shipment or after receiving it.

An individual cargo insurance programme can be designed for each client. With a large number of shipments, where transportation is effected on a frequent or repeat basis, the insurance is carried out on the basis of a Master Policy, according to the terms of which all shipments are insured during the period of its validity. Declaration of shipments is made within a month of shipment on a standard form for each individual shipment and the declaration will be confirmed on a case by case basis..

7. Staff personal accident insurance

Human resources are the primary factor of success for any modern business. Advanced technologies, strong competition and fast paced changes in the economic environment require that employees of all levels not only are highly skilled but are also able to play their part in the business in a creative manner and work with their fullest commitment possible.

The financial factor has always been a major factor for employees’ incentivisation and the key tool for ensuring that staff perform their duties in a professional manner. Yet, for all the importance of the salaries and wages, one typical feature of the current employment environment is the ever increasing role of social guarantees and benefits provided to incentivise the employees. While requiring only a moderate financial investment, the incentive allows organisations to improve the productivity of their staff and raise the prestige and the attractiveness of their work, which eventually boosts the performance of the business and secures its success.

One efficient and cost-effective way of providing additional benefits for an organisation's employees is providing them with a personal accident insurance package, which helps the organisation:

  • - to raise the employees' commitment to the development of the business;
  • - to raise the esteem in which staff hold the organisation's top management;
  • - to attract new skilled professionals;
  • - to keep high-performing employees within the company;
  • - to build a workforce capable of efficiently meeting the organisation's objectives;
  • - to decrease costs related to employees’ benefits;
  • - to boost the company’s image as an organization adhering to high standards of corporate culture in the eyes of its competitors and business partners.

We offer a comprehensive and flexible insurance cover for your staff that would help you to structure a package of benefits that would best meet the needs of your employees, while being financially affordable for the organisation.

The package will typically include the following, but can always be tailored to your needs:

  • - a private medical insurance plan;
  • - a personal accident insurance plan;
  • - a travel insurance plan.

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