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Health Certificates for students, insured in LEXGARANT Insurance Company LTD

Type of Certificate*

Medical conclusion

"Central Clinic" price-list**  (rubles)

Special price (rubles)

– 20%

for insured in


upon presentation of the current

annual insurance policy***

Medical assessment report оn the health state of foreign citizens

Has no contagious diseases  (tuberculosis, measles, HIV, hepatitis B, etc.) or infectious diseases and can live in  dormitory (therapist, fluorography, blood tests for RW, HIV, hepatitis B and C

2 500

2 000

Medical certificate

Medical conclusion of  the therapist  or general practitioner  about absence of contraindications for accommodation in the dormitory with a note on passing of chest photofluorography

1 500

1 200

Medical certificate for physical education class

Admission to physical education classes with indication of health group ( therapist, dermatologist, ECG, blood test )

1 650

1 320

Medical certificate (medical expert report)

086/у form on the absence of contraindications for accommodation in the dormitor

2 500

discount is not provided

* Sequence of certificates receipt:

1. Call the clinic and make an appointment;

2. It is obligatory to visit the clinic in person minimum twice, carrying the identification document, annual insurance policy of LEXGARANT for getting a discount of 20%.

On the first visit: medical tests, diagnostic study, appointments with medical specialists (if any).

On the second visit (2-3 days after): appointment with general practitioner, receipt of complete certificate.

** Address: "Central Clinic", Moscow, Myasnitskaya str.,13, bld.13

Metro stations: Turgenevskaya, Lubyanka, Chistie Prudi

Telephone: +7 495 644‑00-26

Website: c-clinic.ru

Open hours: 8:00–21:00 daily

*** A discount of -20% is given to students upon presentation of the current annual insurance policy issued at the office of the insurance company “LEXGARANT” or on the site lexgarant.ru, where you can buy ONLINE:

  1. Annual policy for travel abroad;
  2. Annual accident insurance policy on the territory of Russian Federation;
  3. Annual policy of voluntary medical insurance (VMI) «TeleDoc» (telemedicine).

Address: «LEXGARANT» Insurance Company LTD, Moscow, Maliy Zlatoustinsky per., 10, bld.2

Metro stations: Lubyanka, Kitay - Gorod

Telephone: +7 495 933‑80-80

E-mail: expat@lexgarant.ru

Website: lexgarant.ru

Open hours: 10:00–18:30 on weekdays

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