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In Russia the law on telemedicine came into effect

Now doctors will be able to help patients remotely- to consult them on the phone and via Internet. The law on telemedicine was put in force on January 1st. The main requirements to it were defined by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

Telemedicine technologies can be used both in the provision of primary health care and emergency, specialized, high-tech, palliative.

With the help of telemedicine it will be possible to carry out medical consultations, remotely monitor the health of the patient. "Absentee format" will be acceptable for communication between doctors, for example, if the attending physician needs the advice of a more experienced specialist, so to speak, working in one of the leading scientific medical research centers, and to work directly with patients. It will be possible to help people with electronic means of communication in urgent and planned cases. You can also provide assistance to people who are in hospital, and those who are treated on an outpatient basis or outside the medical organization.

Telemedicine will help not only residents of remote areas, where there may simply not be a good specialist, for example, narrowly focused, but also citizens who live far from the doctor or do not have free time for visit, because the attending physician after a face-to-face  appointment can establish remote monitoring of the patient's health. He will be able to send information about his state of health to the doctor, receive recommendations without visiting the clinic.

"LEXGARANT" Insurance company is glad to offer clients a new program of voluntary medical insurance "TeleDoc" aimed at obtaining high-quality advice at any time and any place.

Telemedicine allows to resolve primary health issues timely and get a quick response, thereby preventing the risk of more serious diseases.

The insured can choose a convenient way of communication: video call, audio call, chat, phone call.

After consultation the doctor leaves a written conclusion / recommendation in the personal account of the Insured person on the website https://lexgarant.onlinedoctor.ru/


Topics of consultation

Number of doctors

Work schedule

Work schedule

  • The GP/therapist
  • Pediatrician
  • Gynecologist
  • ENTCardiologist
  • Neurologist
  • Allergist
  • Gastroenterologist
  • Dermatovenereologist
  • Neurosurgeon
  • Surgeon
  • Endocrinologist
  • Urologist
  • Psychologist
  • The doctor on sports medicine
  • and other..
  • Consultation on primary care
  • Advice on preparation for the examination
  • Consultation on the results of tests and examinations
  • Advice on the status and prevention of health
  • Advice on child care
  • 140 specialists by appointment
  • 38 specialty physicians
  • Doctors on duty – round the clock
  • Experts by appointment through the schedule on the website
  • Urgent consultation of the duty physician within 3 minutes after treatment
  • Planned consultation or for specialized professionals record using the schedule on the website

Everyone can purchase voluntary medical insurance policy "TeleDoc" of LEXGARANT Insurance company– as citizens of the Russian Federation and foreign citizens with the document proving the identity.

For all questions related to the policy issuance, you can consult by phone: + 7 (495) 933-80-80 or send your request to e-mail address teledoc@lexgarant.ru

The Reminder for Insured persons under voluntary medical insurance "TeleDoc»:

  1. Register on the website https://lexgarant.onlinedoctor.ru/  and get access to your personal account.
  2. After registration and activation of the insurance policy you will be able to use the services in accordance with your chosen insurance Program starting from 00 hours 00 minutes of the day following the date of purchase of the Policy. The conditions and procedure for providing remote (telemedicine) consultations are detailed in the annexes to the Policy.
  3. Remote (telemedicine) consultation can be requested through your personal account on the website https://lexgarant.onlinedoctor.ru/  or free telephone number 8(800)333-28-00 from the phone number that you specified during registration. The doctor will contact you within 3 minutes. As a result of the consultation, you will receive a written opinion to your personal account with a list of all recommendations.

! The service is advisory. The diagnosis is not made during remote (telemedical) consultations.

Medical care is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the website https://lexgarant.onlinedoctor.ru with the help of application "Online Doctor" (iOS or Android) or by telephone number 8-800-333-28-00.

All questions related to obtaining medical services by the Insured are addressed to the Compex Insurance department of the Insurer by phone: + 7 (495) 933-80-80.

Stay healthy!



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